Unlearning and Becoming

Anger doesn’t begin to cover the range of disappointment, confusion and disgust I felt as this year unfolded. The current tragedies we are facing are centuries in the making, the public outrage our country is currently experiencing has always been here.

None of the instances are new. The pain isn’t new, the injustice written into our constitution, then perpetually played out by political actors and agencies.

I have never felt so helpless and so responsible for the violence we’ve witnessed, time and time again.

Inaction is action, ignorance is intentional, and enough is enough.

This is the not the world I want for my children, and I am failing them if I don’t actively try to change it however I can, whenever I can. It is our responsibility to unlearn the lies we were told, to undo the systems that benefit some and oppress others, and to keep doing better and never stop.

This is my call to action how I know how. My work to move forward and my place to organize, research and process. No guarantees it is perfect but it is unlearning and becoming something better.

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